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NSTP launches virtual reality app

The New Straits Time Press (NSTP) has launched Zapp, a virtual reality app aimed at providing additional content to smartphones or tablet users.

The app is targeted at all age group, mainly focusing on to the tech-savvy group between the aged 18 to 39 years old.

To function, the reader needs to locate the marker on the pages of the newspaper and place its smart mobile devices above the marker for it to upload and transfer additional contents onto the gadget for readers to see.

The camera of the smart device then scans the encoded pages on the newspaper with the marker to launch the videos, picture galleries as well as latest news around the location where the reader is presently situated.

General manager, marketing of NSTP, Putrie Shireen Syed Othman, told A+M, the app allows advertisers can place additional content about their product or services onto the ad pages via video or pictures.

“Advertisers can promote their products and services to a specific group of target consumers. This is made possible with the geo-fencing feature of the app which locates relevant news around the user.”

Zapp will be promoted through an ongoing campaign via print ads, TVC and social media, until the year end.

The app can be downloaded on Apple and Google Play for iOs and Android platforms and expects to hit at least 250,000 (5%) of its readers combined to download the app by the end of this year.

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