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Novartis taps local influencers for psoriasis campaign

Novartis Malaysia has launched a digital awareness campaign titled “You’re Not Alone with Psoriasis”. Conceptualised by digital agency Kingdom Digital, the campaign was rolled out in conjunction with World Psoriasis Day 2017 (WPD 2017), which falls on 29 October.

“You’re Not Alone with Psoriasis” aims to raise awareness about psoriasis, a common autoimmune skin condition that causes red and scaly skin patches, as well as highlight the stigmatisation faced by patients. Kingdom Digital also launched #PsoriasisInsideOut, a social movement leveraging on WPD 2017’s theme of the same name.

#PsoriasisInsideOut calls on the public to post photos of themselves wearing clothes inside out on social media with the hashtag, set their post or profile to public and nominate friends and family to do the same. Influencers including Jinnyboy, Sean Lee and Reuben Kang have come on board to pledge their support.

View the campaign video here:

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