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Novartis picks DigitasLBi for social media awareness campaign

Global healthcare company Novartis has appointed DigitasLBi as its social media agency following a pitch. The agency will be tasked with leading a heart failure social media awareness campaign.

The creative campaign aims to raise the awareness of heart failure as a condition in Singapore using engaging video content and will focus on digital channels including social media.

According to Kim Lee Tan, digital and social media lead of Asia Middle East Africa, Novartis aims to raise awareness through engaging social media videos which identify the symptoms of heart failure, which it identifies as a real global concern.

“By educating patients, their friends, loved ones and their caregivers, the condition can be detected early on and treated. Using a local comedian helps us raise awareness and steal hearts,” Tan added.

“We are thrilled about the appointment. Heart failure is such an important subject and it effects so many families that we are humbled by the opportunity to work with Novartis and support such an important cause,” Annette Male, APAC CEO DigitasLBi, said.

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