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Nestlé MILO’s latest campaign brings mothers back to school

Nestlé MILO has launched its latest campaign titled “Back To School Mums”, by sending mothers to the same school as their children and putting them through the exact schedule they have packed their kids with.

Through the campaign, energy beverage brand aims to help mothers in Malaysia to realise what they are letting their children experience every day and “let them have a taste of their own medicine, by putting them back in school for a day.”

It also aims to highlight the importance of breakfast in giving children the energy they need to take on a school day – with a larger intention to foster greater understanding amongst parents about what goes on in their children’s day. This in hope will strengthen the bond between parent and child.

For this initiative, the brand sent selected mothers back to the same school as their child, from the early morning rush for the school bus, to every lesson in school and every activity thereafter. Through this activity, these mothers felt what their children felt – the challenges they faced, the hunger felt for skipping breakfast, the frustration of not being able to perform and the mad rush from one activity to the next.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy Malaysia, the entire experience was filmed and edited into a series of four web films, to be progressively released on MILO Malaysia YouTube channel and this December. Check out the first two spots below:

“Mothers realised how unbelievably long and tiring their children’s day was. They understood the need to give their children breakfast so that they have the energy for school. More importantly, we hope mothers will communicate and understand their children better,” Gavin Simpson, chief creative officer at Ogilvy Malaysia, said.

Philomena Tan, business executive officer of Milo business unit at Nestle Malaysia said, creating campaigns that are more social by design helps the brand to reach and engage with its consumers, and “allows us to bring our meaningful stories to them.”

“Today’s communication environment is powered by connection, conversation and participation. The narrative is no longer a one-sided perspective. The ‘Back to School Mums’ campaign is a two-way communication where we interact with our key audience and present our point of view in raising champions for life through the right nutrition and energy at breakfast.” Nizwani Shahar, managing partner, Ogilvy & Mather Kuala Lumpur, added.

According to a Nestlé backed study, one in four children in Malaysia skip breakfast. This deprives them of the energy they need to perform in school. Not being able to concentrate in class leads them to failing exams and eventually dropping out of school.

A Nestlé spokesperson said that school days aren’t what they used to be. Hours are now longer, syllabuses are tougher, and the day doesn’t just end after school. A school day takes more energy than you think. In fact, a study by the company has found that it takes a child more than 1,500 kcal to get through a school day, which is about the amount of calories needed to run a half marathon or swim 50 laps in a pool, it added.

This is not the first time MILO has championed the importance of breakfast, currently into its sixth year of running its breakfast campaign. Since 2013, the brand has organised MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day – a yearly event with fun runs, breakfast and MILO, nutrition education, and games for the whole family – in an effort to raise awareness on the importance of a wholesome breakfast in leading healthier lives. This year’s event was participated by up to 60,000 Malaysians across seven locations in the country.

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