Moove Media adds on Moove Big Top bus

Moove Media has added on Moove Big Top bus.  The Moove Big Top bus has a U-shaped aluminium panel seamlessly welded and installed on top of the single deck bus, providing additional advertising space on the two sides and rear of the bus.

The Moove Big Top bus design is patented exclusively for Moove Media bus advertising. Clients already on the platform are GEM Residences and The Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT) latest campaigns with other campaigns rolling out progressively.

Jayne Kwek, CEO of Moove Media, said: “This new year, we are delighted to introduce our Moove Big Top bus to advertisers. This new concept gives advertisers more ad space on our single deck buses and maximises campaign exposure while attracting eyeballs.”

Derrick Goh, managing director and regional head of DBS Bank. He said: “Congratulations to Jayne and the team at Moove Media for organising this event! The Big Top Bus is a very innovative idea from Moove Media, certainly it creates a larger space for advertisers to put up their ideas and communicate to the public at large, so well done Moove Media for doing this.”

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