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Mirum bolsters digital assessment capabilities

To help clients assess their overall digital readiness, global digital agency Mirum Asia is providing access to Forrester Research’s Digital Maturity Assessment Tool. This is as part of the agency’s regional digital transformation consulting practice.

Through its third-party evaluation scorecards, Mirum hopes to help clients by providing step-by-step recommendations on how to raise digital capabilities.

“Every company is either developing, or expanding, their digital roadmap. This assessment tool helps business leaders understand where the digital business opportunities are within their organisation,” said Nanda Ivens, CEO of Mirum Asia Pacific. This comes at a time where there is a focus on customer experience across a brand’s various digital touch points as it transcends into multiple screens and devices.

“Today’s digital leaders are responding to the clear and present threat of digital disruption by transforming their firms. This tool assesses foundational aspects that matter to a company’s overall digital transformation. It’s about embedding digital capabilities into the very heart of their business, making digital a core competency,” Rueben Anthony, managing director of Mirum Singapore said.

Mirum was formed in 2015 when XM Asia Pacific and 10 other digital agencies in J. Walter Thompson’s global network formed a new global digital agency spanning 20 countries and 46 offices.

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