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Media Prima launches CNY campaign

One of Malaysia’s largest media platforms, Media Prima has launched a campaign this Chinese New Year called, ‘‘样样都好 VERY GOAT!”

Building on the network’s strategy of offering innovative content, the “VERY GOAT” year campaign offers brands an opportunity to engage with viewers through an experiential platform. This platform is said to reflect the season’s values of togetherness, joy and new beginnings.

As 2014 was a challenging year for Malaysians, through this campaign Media Prima aims change Malaysians mindsets and share inspiring moments of optimism and happiness. The “VERY GOAT” year campaign brings together the network’s media properties – one FM, ntv7 and 8TV. This collaboration allows Media Prima to leverage the channel’s leadership among the Chinese-speaking community.

For its socially engaged audience, the campaign also connects with viewers through a mobile app  called “178”  that will share recipes of famous Chinese dishes, daily horoscopes, greeting e-cards and a schedule of CNY shows on Media Prima’s channels. The network is also spreading the magic of the Chinese New Year celebration directly to viewers with a three month “VERY GOAT TOUR” of 178 ceramic goat sculptures.

To ensure the campaign connects with the users, all promotions are supported by consumer contests. According to a press release by the company, the contests have generated huge audience interest with initial response to the picture contest having over 4,500 entries.

As part of the cross channel collaboration, Media Prima also organised a CNY roadshow featuring Malaysian’s beloved artists and hosts including Nicholas Ong from one FM, Adrian Tan from ntv7 and Gary Yap from 8TV. Besides interacting with fans, the roadshow also promoted a CNY music album ‘样样都好 VERY GOAT!” produced by one FM, ntv7 and 8TV. Media Prima collaborated with bookstore chain, CD Rama Popular to sell its “VERY GOAT” merchandise including a CNY plush toy, limited edition T-shirts and the ‘样样都好 VERY GOAT!” music album.

“As content continues to flow across an increasing number of screens, brands and advertisers need a non-traditional and exciting approach to connect with viewers. Our success has always been based on unique relationships with audiences. This provides marketers with an ideal environment to deliver their messaging. With the “VERY GOAT” campaign, we are connecting with consumers across every conceivable platform, serving them relevant and engaging content,” said Ahmad Izham Omar, chief executive officer television networks, Media Prima Berhad.

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