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MEC and Maxus announce NewCo Hong Kong head

Stanley Ngai, managing director of Maxus Hong Kong, will take on the role of managing director of the new combined MEC and Maxus ‘NewCo’ agency in Hong Kong when it launches in January 2018.

Ngai has been Maxus Hong Kong managing director since January 2015. Prior to joining, he was general manager of Maxus Hong Kong for five years, and has made major contributions to the success of the agency, especially in driving changes to meet digital challenges and winning new business.

He will lead a new management team which will include key seniors from both Maxus Hong Kong and MEC Hong Kong.

The role becomes effective in January 2018.

Tim Castree, CEO of MEC and NewCo commented: “We’re merging Maxus and MEC to form a brand new billion dollar revenue media content and technology agency, dubbed ‘NewCo’ for now. With such ambition, comes a need for brilliant talent to lead and inspire, and so today’s news is very exciting for us. Under Stanley’s leadership, I am confident that we have the right team in place to truly blend the best of MEC and Maxus and make NewCo Hong Kong a formidable future-facing agency.”

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