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McDonald’s adds Chinese flavour to menu

Following the launch of chicken and beef rice menu in Hong Kong, McDonald’s has further localised its China strategy by adding rice products to its core menu.

The move steps up competition against rival KFC, which has found success with its localised menu.

The four new items aim to maintain the company’s competitiveness and raise its overall growth after a lackluster Q1.

Starting from June 10, the new products, including chicken and beef rice wraps, will be sold in all 1,700 McDonald’s restaurants across Mainland China.

“Our new platform is all about winning the night by listening to what consumers want from McDonald’s for dinner and after,” said Kenneth Chan, CEO of McDonald’s China.

Previous, McDonald’s and Yum! Brands, which operates the KFC brand in China, had a very different way of marketing in China.

KFC has been selling a diverse range of tailor-made items exclusive for China, including fish ball soup, spring rolls and even rice porridge and egg custard tarts for more than a year.

The fast food chain is currently ahead McDonald’s not only in terms of store number but also gross profit.

The first quarter of this year saw McDonald’s significant decline in sales with 4.6% drop in China, which according to McDonald’s, is mainly due to the soaring fear of avian flu.

The core menu, including staples like the Big Mac and McChicken, will not be changed.

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