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Maybank offers cashless mobile payment via QRPay

Maybank has launched a pilot version of its cashless mobile payment option using QR codes called “Maybank QRPay”, which will be adopted by 33 stalls at the food court in Laman Menara Maybank.

The new service, which will be launched to the public in January 2018, allows customers to instantly pay for products and services by scanning a QR code on their mobile devices. The bank aims to use Maybank QRPay to promote greater use of cashless transactions in the country.

According to Maybank’s head of group community financial services Datuk Lim Hong Tat, the new service is expected to revolutionise the way payments are conducted between customers and merchants especially for small ticket items.

He added that the bank is confident its QRPay service has the potential to complement the debit or credit card as a cost-effective alternative to cash due to the lower infrastructure cost and the increasing use of mobile phones in Malaysia. Merchants will enjoy various benefits such as undertaking their own promotion and business profile updates.

“When we go public in January 2018, we anticipate that customers will be able to use QRPay to purchase a wide array of products and services. This will include merchants in the food & beverage business such as cafes, food trucks, hawker centres/food courts and night markets, as well as other industries such as entertainment, beauty and home businesses,” Lim said.

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