Maxim’s MX’s new campaign looks to tickle HongKonger’s taste buds

Fast food chain Maxim’s MX has launched its annual brand campaign stating that there is nothing can beat eating in life.

By taking a big step from previous traditional TVCs to introduce new online video ads with “Eat up and Carry on”-themed comedic skits re-enacting some of the life’s most common encounters. MX demonstrates how its food has been accompanying many moments with HongKongers, and how only food is capable of delivering joy to people.

In the video, the fast food chain sketches three scenarios that aim to resonate with the HongKongers.

“You’re not the same anymore” (「係咪淡咗?」)
“You’re not the same anymore,” is a phrase surely everyone has experienced in life. Is it true that everything in life – be it our relationships or the milk tea we ordered – changes in time? The restuarant believes the best milk tea is not only fragrant, rich and smooth, its flavours should also not fade with time. For its iced bucket milk tea, MX stuck to the golden ratio of one part evaporated milk to three parts of tea.

A relapse of “decidophobia” (「選擇困難症」)
Sometimes it is about in a rush, other times it is about food. We would come up with all the pros and cons for both sides before we take a shot, but more often than not we would ask ourselves the question: “Why not both?” Since each side has its own merits, so having both is the only way to go! Putting money to where its figurative mouth is, MX is making the dream come true with its boneless hainan chicken and boneless grilled chicken.

“You’re not small anymore” (「你都唔細啦!」)
Have your parents, teachers, elders or seniors ever said to you that “you’re not small anymore”? Have it ever crossed your mind that everything in life can have its value measured in size, or if a bargain truly does exist? The restaurant then
introduced its signature items– the mega bite baked pork chop rice, a big dish that comes at a price that’s basically a steal, it said.

Together with the video, Maxim’s MX has launched a set of publications. A wide range of media platforms, such as outdoor billboard, newspaper and magazine print ad, in-store posters and stickers, have been covered throughout the campaign.

As of 10 July 2017, the video has so far netted over 800,000 viewership, with more than 2500 shares on 15 social media/ KOL platforms featuring the video.

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