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M1 For Every One. Everywhere

M1 calls for closed door creative pitch

M1 Limited (M1) has called for a creative pitch. The pitch is a closed door one and will see incumbent agency Y&R Singapore pitching for the account again. The move was confirmed to Marketing by a M1 spokesperson.

Y&R Singapore was first appointed in 2008, it won the account again in 2012 after a review and also retained the account in 2014 until 2016. The agency’s creative work for M1 includes campaigns such “Welcome to the World of M1″, and “M1. For Every One”.

Last August, M1 reappointed Zenith Singapore as its media agency, following a media review called earlier last year. The agency had been working with M1 for a period of six years since 2010, prior to the review. Its scope of work includes media planning and buying.

In 2015, M1 launched its “Making Moments Special” campaign, which aimed to build on its brand promise of “M1. For Every One. Everywhere” and show M1 as a reliable partner always by the side of its customers.

It then launched its “M1. For Every One. Everywhere” campaign last year to show itself as a reliable partner always by the side of its customers. The campaign was launched on television and online platforms, following by print activation with out-of-home and digital support.

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