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Whisper Like A Girl

LOOK Whisper Singapore injects confidence into young female athletes

Whisper Singapore has launched a new spot which continues Procter & Gamble’s feminine hygiene brand Always’ #LikeAGirl social experiment campaign which went viral in 2014. Always is marketed as Whisper in most Asian markets.

The ad features various young female athletes in rugby, shot put, basketball, weightlifting and boxing, and starts off with the statistic that “at puberty, girls’ confidence plummets and half quit sports.”

The ad hopes to inspire young girls to keep playing sports and not be subject to societal norms. Since its launch on 29 June 2016, the spot has garnered 119,000 views, 1,200 Facebook reactions and 368 shares.

Watch the spot here:

The ad follows a similar power social experiment created by P&G in 2014 to promote its Always feminine products and shed light on the popular term “like a girl” and the negative connotations around it.

In the 2014 spot, men, women and boys were asked what they thought it means to run or throw or fight ‘like a girl’. All individuals asked depicted the actions in a similar frail manner. The video went viral and amassed 62 million views on YouTube.

Watch it here:

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