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LOOK MINI’s thrilling ride

The MINI Not Normal global campaign just gets better every time.

In Canada, MINI carried out a ‘Not Normal’ stunt by offering a thrilling ride on the streets of Toronto to reinforce its core brand of excitement.

Three MINI Cooper S models were transformed into a MINI Roller Coaster complete with seats on the roofs and driven around town by professional drivers.

The 54-second YouTube video features two riders on each car screaming at the top of their lungs, the same reaction one would get from being on a roller coaster ride.

Naturally, the MINIs caught the attention of passersby, who were all amused and pleasantly surprised.   .

This is indeed a smart way to showcase what MINI offers, among them a thrilling experience and also the ability to excite unlike other cars.

The campaign was executed by its AOR Anomaly.

Watch the video here.


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