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#ChickenSad KFC

LOOK KFC, Jollibee begins chicken derby

KFC Philippines has turned the negative publicity Jollibee has been getting this week to its advantage by poking fun at its rival’s menu shortage problem on social media.

Jollibee patrons vented their disappointment online after finding out that several branches are running out of old time favorites like fried chicken, pancit palabok and burgers. It spurred the hashtag #ChickenSad, a funny takeoff from the brand’s popular ChickenJoy.

It was just a matter of time for KFC to spot the opportunity.

Post by KFC.

“No such thing as #ChickenSad in the house of #SoGood,” assures KFC on Twitter and Facebook.

In its defense, Jollibee Foods vice president for marketing Harvey Ong said that the company is having a major systems upgrade but assured that there is no shortage of chicken.

“Unfortunately, this change in system has initially affected the delivery schedule of raw materials from our commissary to select stores,” he said in a statement.

“We would like to clarify that this is NOT a supply issue or a chicken shortage situation. Rest assured that this is only temporary as we are working round the clock to ensure that all our products – including Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti and Yumburgers – will be made available again in all the affected stores soonest. In fact, some of these stores have already begun offering these Jollibee favorites again.”


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