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Guinness has launched its Guinness Foreign Extra Stout limited edition series, which features artwork by local illustrator Ben Qwek on its bottles and cans.

The artwork is based on Singaporean cultural icons like Keong Saik Building, Marina Bay Sands to local foods like Kueh Tutu. The beer brand has also affectionately been known as Ang Ji Gao by locals in the kopitiams which directly translated to Red Tongued Dog.

If you look closely enough, this is also represented in the packaging.

” We created this limited edition to celebrate and pay tribute to the many things that define our Singapore culture. The original artwork weaves together icons that Singaporeans know and love in their daily lives, and creatively incorporates them into our classic mark, the Red Tongued Dog,” Venus Teoh, head of marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore said.

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With the Limited Edition launch, Guinness will also be offering prizes including up to SG$60,000 worth of home furnishing vouchers to customers who purchase Limited Edition bottles or cans. The Guinness Foreign Extra Stout limited edition series of cans and bottles will be on sale from now until Jun

“When I was commissioned to produce this limited edition artwork, I was inspired to create a design that would represent the real Singapore as we know it. I envisioned a design that every Singaporean would identify with, and so created a scene of the things we all fondly recognise and cherish as part of our heritage and everyday lives,” Ben Qwek added.

In line with the new launch, Guinness also partnered with the founders of Humans of Singapore to produce an exclusive coffee-table book titled ‘Men of Singapore’.


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