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Lego’s latest ad urges parents see their children’s creative side

Lego has launched ‘City Adventures’, a campaign which implores parents to give their children the ‘gift of attention’. It collaborated with Iris Singapore to imagine what it would be like for busy parent to see how creative their child is.

With the campaign, Lego hopes to shine some insight into how children are using their imagination and the show how much children wish to share it with them. The campaign is slated to roll out across Asia – specifically in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. It aims to spark a social conversation – and a change in mindset around the role of imagination.

The three-minute film was captured in Taipei city, Taiwan – a city with one of the longest average working hours in the world. It features the story of 6-year-old Hsiao Feng who likes to build – taking after his father who repairs and sells cars. However, Hsiao’s father often works extended hours like many other Taiwanese parents and Hsiao’s creativity often goes unnoticed.

Lego worked with Hsiao Feng’s mother to film Hsiao Feng building with Lego at his local enrichment centre and talking about his father, sharing that he wanted to spend more time building and creating with him.

It then dedicated its media space across the city, and aired the spot across 25 OOH media screens in the city, including a 100-metre digital screen at Taipei Arena and in Taipei 101, which Hsiao Feng’s father would walk past on his way home from work.

Upon encountering the touching spot, Hsiao’s father is surprised and moved with the film finishes with his father promising to not neglect his creativity, impressed with what his son has built.

Check out the video here:

“We all have busy schedules – but a childhood doesn’t last forever. Through this film, we hope to inspire parents to value the importance of their child’s imagination, and give it the encouragement and attention it deserves,” Kevin Hagino, senior regional brand manager, Southeast Asia at Lego said.

“It’s easy to talk about the importance of imagination, much harder to truly drive the message home. I’m incredibly proud that instead of an ad campaign, we had the support of LEGO to walk the talk by giving precious airtime and media spaces to a boy and his priceless imagination,” Ed Cheong, creative director at iris Singapore said.

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