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Optical 88

Laughter is the name of the game for online ads

Comedy is not just about making people laugh, at least not any more. Google has revealed the top five YouTube ads in Hong Kong during the third quarter of 2015, showing Hong Kong-style humor and mascots is the way to keep audiences’ eyeballs glued to their computer and smartphone screens.

Top Five YouTube Ads in Hong Kong (Q3 2015)

1. 88熊專業護理注意 第2話-近視控制 OPTICAL 88
Uploaded by: OPTICAL 88 眼鏡88
Creative agency: Metta Communications Limited
Media: Pixo Punch Limited
Views in Q3 2015: 535,709

It tells a simple, yet effective story on the importance of eye care. The brand’s ‘spokesperson’, “88 Bear” is positioned as friend and superhero who ‘rescues’ a young boy from his eye problem.

This cuddly mascot, who appeals to Hongkongers’ love for all things cute, makes audiences laugh; while a public service-like announcement on the importance of eye care appeals to parents’ logical side. Along with the adorable boy actor, whose innocence creates the instant ‘aaaawwww’ factor, audiences, especially parents, feel affinity with the ad right away.

2. 【LINE x 海洋公園】夏水禮電視廣告 (ft. 杜小喬 河國榮)
Uploaded by: HKOceanPark
Creative agency: Metta communications Limited
Media: Mediacom
Views in Q3 2015: 268,258

The brand puts its iconic mascots front and centre in a live-action or 3D cartoon combination ad that once again appeals to Hongerkongers’ love for all things cute.

The ad’s big idea hinges on the popular buzzword “野生捕獲” or “You’ve been captured!”. This energy-filled spot also features online influencer To Siu Kiu and local actor Gregory Charles Rivers who speaks fluent Cantonese; instantly attracting viewers.

3. 黑白冰團拯救世界!
Uploaded by: umoviegroup
Creative agency: As One Interactive
Media: Carat Hong Kong
Views in Q3 2015: 256,118

The collaboration between Black & White and Tai Hing, the video has once again tapped Avengers’ ‘Nick Fury’, along with three local YouTubers, to find the solution to global warming in the ad. This spot shows an effective, locally-relevant content that entertains audience first and sells later.

4. 「H15」慎入!盛智文 x 夏蕙BB 屍人頭七!
Uploaded by: HKOceanPark
Creative agency: Metta communications Limited
Media: Mediacom
Views in Q3 2015: 252,756

Ocean Park once again blew audiences away with its annual Halloween bash commercial, by creating a parody of a local funeral tradition that takes place a week after a person’s death (頭七). Allan Zeman and over-the-hill celebrity Lana Wong star in this spooky and hilarious spot that’s unforgettable, because it’s so over-the-top. This ad was a success as it employed humor to give a serious cultural issue a light-hearted twist, while using familiar local ‘talent’ to create instant affinity.

5. [薑檸樂] 廢青的抉擇
Uploaded by: gingerlemoncola
Creative agency: DDB Guangzhou & Breeze Factory
Media: Mediacom
Views in Q3 2015: 249,171

Rounding off the top five is the Airwaves ad. It features local YouTuber gingerlemoncola and Japanese YouTuber Soko Izumi, in a gag-filled and hilarious ad.

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