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Klareco bolsters Indonesia presence with Kiroyan Partners tie-up

Klareco Communications and Kiroyan Partners have signed an exclusive partnership agreement following years of collaboration. Kiroyan Partners is a corporate communications and public affairs consultancy based in Indonesia.

The partnership looks to enable both companies in leveraging each other’s networks and provide integrated services to clients in Indonesia and the region. Prior to the move, both companies had been working together on several occasions to service regional clients. Moving forward, the partnership will help both companies go further to develop businesses and market their services jointly.

With Indonesia due to hold provincial elections this year and the general elections in 2019, Klareco Communications and Kiroyan Partners will also provide public affairs and communications advisory. This is to help international and Indonesian companies navigate the political and economic landscape.  The statement added that there are also plans to tap on Klareco Communications global network to support Indonesian companies that have ambitions to expand into the rest of Asia and beyond.

According to the statement, Klareco Communications’ expansion into Indonesia “signals its growing presence across Asia and beyond”. This comes after the firm’s recent entry into Global Communications Partners (GCP), a global network of independent communications firms specialising in financial and corporate communications. The partnership will also allow both companies to second employees to one other to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise between markets.

According to Mark Worthington, managing director, Klareco Communications, new business discussions are being made with Kiroyan Partners and GCP members, and the agency looks forward to exciting partnerships ahead.

“Klareco Communications aims to be the agency of choice across Asia for clients either looking at investing in or venturing out of the region and Indonesia is an important market given its vibrant economy and young population,” Ang Shih-Huei, CEO of Klareco Communications, said.

“Both our companies share a common aspiration to deliver principled and sensible solutions to clients in the region, and we strongly believe that this is a positive step towards fulfilling that ambition,” Anton Rizki Sulaiman, managing director and president of Kiroyan Partners, added.

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