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New Media Group KK Chiu

KK Chiu leaves New Media Group to launch marketing startup

Kaki Chiu, head of multimedia services at New Media Group’s New Monday, has left the company after four and a half years of service.

With 17 years of experience in online media, sales and marketing, Chiu will go on to start his own company, bringing an online platform from overseas to Hong Kong and offering marketing services.

“I am starting a new company because I want to help diversify my family business based on my experience,” Chiu said.

“My time at New Media Group taught me about cross-platform marketing and that a creative core idea is more important than the platform or whether you are using traditional or digital media.”

The company will be launched in Q1 next year, starting with a team of 20 to 30 people.

Chiu’s company will also invest in and operate in the trading and logistics industry.  The next step will be to build up the eCommerce component of his business, which will target not just Hong Kong, but also Taiwanese and mainland Chinese markets.

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