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J&J crowdsources for Malaysia’s 30 millionth baby

Johnson & Johnson has launched “Name our Future”, celebrating the 30 millionth Malaysian baby who will be born in the coming days. Jury is out on whether the child of the future will be a boy or a girl but based on the Statistics Department’s figures, the baby will most likely be a boy of Malay ethnicity.

With Malaysia’s population some 900 children away from reaching the 30 million milestone, the campaign is aimed at crowd-sourcing a name for the future baby and also engaging J&J’s Facebook community with a topic that holds tremendous fascination and affinity.

Powered by Rally, J&J’s social media partner, the campaign garnered about 250 suggestions for names in the first two hours of its launch.

Lynn Yeo associate marketing director for Malaysia and Singapore, J&J’s brand manager said: “A name defines a person and therefore, naming a child is often seen as a big responsibility by parents, many of who believe it holds the power to shape a child’s self-esteem and its identity. Selecting a name is also a very social activity as mothers often ask opinions from their friends and family,” adding that it was great way to engage with the country’s most current topic.

Neeraj Gulati, executive director for social media and digital integration, stated: “Campaigns like these allow brands to be a part of the local context and be relevant to the audiences it wants to connect with in a very timely and memorable way. We believe this yet to be born child is a milestone in Malaysian history and wanted all mothers to express their love for the “baby of the future”. ”

J&J will publish its top 10 most favourite names from those crowd-sourced.

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