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Arun Kumar

IPG Mediabrands strengthens data capabilities with Acxiom partnership

IPG Mediabrands has partnered with Acxiom to further strength its data and analytics capabilities. The global partnership will enable IPG Mediabrands network to accelerate its people-based targeting approach, allowing application and discovery of insights on behalf of clients. It covers 14 markets including China, Japan, India, Australia, US, the UK and Canada.

Global chief data and marketing technology officer Arun Kumar (pictured) will oversee IPG Mediabrands’ partnership with Acxiom. Kumar was appointed to the newly created role in March this year, where he is responsible for the development, prioritisation and management of the group’s data, technology and applications.

Designed to bridge offline and online experiences, the partnership will also spearhead a client-centric data approach that focuses on a complete and contextual view of the customer. According to the press statement, this level of enhanced data and platform integration directly affects the customer experience, spurring brand engagement and ROI through cohesive and operationalised data.

The data and technology team, which develops and implements global product and technology solutions across the IPG network, will boost core capabilities such as agency-driven analytics solutions on a global scale as part of the partnership. This includes UM’s Business Analytics Engine and Initiative’s Accelerator.

“Our competitive advantage and innovative services are directly tied to our data-driven approach. With Acxiom, we will continue to improve upon our data strategy, enabling our portfolio of agencies to provide the highest level of client advisory services and people-based marketing solutions,” Kumar said.

“Today’s best marketers and agencies continuously evaluate technologies and alliances that can provide a true omnichannel view of the consumer, while also connecting data assets to programmatic buying platforms,” Rick Erwin, president of Acxiom Audience Solutions, said.

“Data applies context for interactions with consumers in both offline and online experiences. IPG Mediabrands embraces this approach and, by leveraging Acxiom’s and LiveRamp’s capabilities, sits at the forefront of today’s most innovative marketing agencies,” Erwin added.


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