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What do Interstellar and marketing have in common?

I thought Interstellar was worldly and thought-provoking.

While I do not claim expertise in the realms of film and science, to me Interstellar explored unchartered territories and was largely based upon the theory of relativity. It was a solid attempt at encapsulating and explaining the nuts and bolts of the universe, and there is something in it that applies to the marketing world.

After all, we are just a sliver of this cosmos.

 The Key Equation

The equation is at the heart of it all – E=MC2. If we attempt to use that as an analogy to marketing, then:

E = brand’s energy

M = brand’s mass (assets)

C = Speed of life (pace of people)

In this world, a brand’s energy is greatly dependent on how it leverages assets, markets them at the pace of people, and ultimately harness and enjoy profitable growth to succeed in a fast-moving marketplace.

To accurately measure pace, data and content has to be organized around people. Now, the theory of relativity also postulates that space and time are not distinct and events should therefore be precisely measured with space-time relative to the speed of light – light-seconds, light-years – for nothing is faster than it.

The pace of the consumer

Usain Bolt is one of a kind but in the marketing world, nothing moves faster than the everyday consumer. Space-time in this world of ours equates to measuring consumers beyond cookies to better understand their identity, what they’re searching for, talking about, and where their conversations take place. As of now, precise cross-screen measurement allows us to keep pace with and measure consumers relative to it.

Organise for Precise Measurement

To better measure and market at the pace of people, we need to organise data and content around them. We’ll then be able to figure what consumers want and serve them relevant content before they themselves are aware of their needs. In this fashion of predicting and delivering ahead of the market, we keep pace and gain the ability to identify our next consumer in a precise moment rather than working backwards to determine our last consumer.

Move Fast, Dilate Time

Relativity also postulates that when an object moves at a speed close to that of light or experiences a strong gravitational force, it’ll undergo time dilation i.e. the faster you move, the slower time moves for you. By organizing content and data around people, you’ll move at the pace of people towards the direction of growth and basically experience dilation as you harness time generated from moving fast.

Complement fast pace with purpose – akin to gravitational force – you’ll generate marketing velocity.

A brand’s energy = its assets x the speed of life.

Razor-sharp measurement of the consumer is key, and the concept of space-time inspires us to look at consumers from its standpoint as it measures events with great precision.

Till the next blockbuster.

Rajesh Mahtani is head of strategy and growth, Starcom Mediavest Group, Southeast Asia


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