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How Dove found new meaning in China [GALLERY]

To promote its mantra of “Real Beauty by Real Women”, Dove puts the discussion online to make women rethink the notion of beauty.

How? With calligraphic paintings on pregnant mothers’ baby bumps.


The drawings illustrated the future concerns of their unborn child such as “I may grow up to be a flat-nose girl, will you still love me”, or “I may weigh 140 pounds, will I still be called your loved one”.

While the painting styles of blue and yellow were reminiscent of the Chinese blue-and-white porcelain – a famous analogy to depict beautiful women, the campaign served to remind women to revert their mindsets back to when they were children and before their notion of beauty was tainted by social stigmas and unrealistic expectations.

The photos ran on outdoor platforms, in print and on Sina Weibo from March to April 2013.

Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai, which oversaw creative duties, said the campaign generated more than 83 million impressions.

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