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Matt Switzer

Hootsuite launches social ROI measurement solution and services

Hootsuite has launched Hootsuite Impact. This follows its acquisition of social analytics company LiftMetrix in February 2017. In addition, it is also launching Hootsuite Value Realization services to help enterprises understand how to best measure and maximise the business impact of their investment in social media.

The new offering is integrated into the Hootsuite Platform to give organisations a complete view of their owned, earned and paid social initiatives in one dashboard. It integrates with web analytics solutions such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, along with business intelligence tools such as Tableau so marketers can compare social data to other marketing efforts and share it with additional teams.

Along with Hootsuite Impact, the company is also launching Hootsuite Value Realization services to help enterprises realise the full value of social. It involves ROI consultations, which works with enterprises to assess the people, processes, and technology required to create a measurement framework, and establish KPIs that deliver actionable insights.

“Hootsuite’s goal is to enable organisations to leverage social data to drive business outcomes. With Hootsuite Impact and our Hootsuite Value Realization services, we want to be our customers’ trusted partner in proving and growing the value of social across their organisations,” said Matt Switzer (pictured), SVP of strategy & corporate development at Hootsuite.

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