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HOOQ hires former BBC Worldwide CTO

HOOQ, a video on demand service has appointed Michael Fleshman as CTO. Fleshman brings with him to HOOQ over 20 years of experience with leading roles at BBC Worldwide, Viacom, Financial Times and AOL.

Fleshman will lead the charge of the strategic planning and development of HOOQ’s product and platform with the view of ensuring HOOQ stays ahead of the curve in the OTT space, spearheads innovation and most of all, delivers a flawless customer experience.

Prior to joining HOOQ, Fleshman founded and led the charge at digital strategy and development consulting firm Notting Hill Digital after spending almost 20 years in CTO and leading roles for top media companies including BBC Worldwide where he led the teams responsible for the development of BBC Store, as well as the creation of new platforms for all of BBC Worldwide’s digital properties.

Fleshman said, “I am excited to be part of such a dynamic start-up and I look forward to driving the company into its new phase of innovation and technology.”

“We are elated to welcome Michael to HOOQ as part of our senior leadership team. At the same time, we are ecstatic by his depth of experience in the digital media space and I have no doubt he will lead our technical team to new heights as we expand aggressively into new territories, new products and new platforms in 2017,” said chief executive officer of HOOQ, Peter Bithos.

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