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Hong Kong salary guide 2018 released

The latest report from Robert Walters reveals that recruitment of sales and marketing professionals has been positive throughout 2017, with demand from all sectors, including financial services, technology, telecoms and consumer markets like retail, hospitality and tourism.

The steady demand is partly to do with new businesses set up in Hong Kong and existing companies increasing their sales and marketing presence.

But in 2018, marketing salaries will be mostly static, and some jobs will even see a coming drop in the permanent salary per annum, such as events heads and marketing managers in the financial services industry and also sales directors, marketing directors and key account managers in consumer markets – forecast for marketing managers in the industry sees a 20% decrement from 900k to 720k.

Other salaries will remain stable in 2018 with job movers expecting to receive increments of 10-20%, with exceptions for professionals with specialist digital and tech skills, who could be able to command salary increases of up to 30% when moving jobs.

Businesses place focus on messaging

Organisations are placing more importance on messaging both internally and externally, and put more emphasis on branding and crisis management. They are also looking for strategic marketers, who have strong writing ability, are capable of setting strategies, or have a broad communications background across media, PR, internal communications and executive communications.

However, activity remains strongest for junior roles, with more conservative levels of hiring for new senior headcount.

A more niche demands for digital talents

Digital marketing was the most in-demand skill set in marketing and communications in 2017. According to the report, salary increments for sales and marketing specialists with digital and tech skills reached 30%.

Candidates possessing niche skill sets in this area, including website and application development, social media, measurement and tracking and data-driven marketing analysis, will be the most sought-after hires in 2018.

There has also been a high demand for candidates with strong content generation and development skill sets, as companies look for new and creative ways to deliver content.

Financial services permanent salary per annum 

Job title 2017 (HK$) 2018 (HK$)
Head of Corporate Communications 1.5-2.5m 1.5-2.5m
Head of Corporate Access 1.5-2.5m 1.5-2.5m
Head of Events 1.3-1.7m 1.2-1.5m
Head of Internal Communications 1.3-1.7m 1.2-1.5m
Head of Marketing 1.5-2.5m 1.5-2.5m
Media Relations Director 1.3-1.6m 1.2-1.8m
Digital Director 1.2-1.5m 1.2-1.8m
Corporate Communications Manager 720k-1.0m 720k-1.0m
Digital Marketing Manager 700k-1.1m 700k-1.1m
Events Manager 500-800k 500-800k
Internal Communications Manager 600-950k 600-900k
Marketing Communications Manager 600-950k 600-850k
Marketing Manager 500k-1.0m 500-750k
Media Relations Manager 720k-1.2m 720k-1.0m
Product Development Manager 800k-1.3m 800-1.3m
Media Relations Executive 420-500k 420-500k

IT&T permanent salary per annum 

Job title 2017 (HK$) 2018 (HK$)
General Manager 1.6-2.3m 1.6-2.3m
Account Director 1.0-1.4m 1.0-1.4m
Carrier Sales Director 1.1-1.6m 1.1-1.4m
Marketing Director 1.0-1.5m 1.0-1.5m
Sales Director 1.0-1.5m 1.1-1.5m
Account Manager 720-900k 720-900k
Alliances Manager 720-1.1m 800k-1.1m
Business Development Manager 700k-1.2m 700k-1.0m
Channel Manager 700k-1.1m 700k-1.1m
Digital Marketing Manager 700k-1.2m 800k-1.0m
Marketing Manager 600k-1.0m 600-900k
Sales Manager 700k-1.3m 700-1.0m

Consumer markets permanent salary per annum 

Job title 2017 (HK$) 2018 (HK$)
Sales Director 1.0-1.7m 1.1-1.6m
General Manager 1.2-2.0m 1.2-2.0m
Brand Director 1.1-1.6m 1.1-1.5m
Marketing Director 1.2-1.7m 1.2-1.5m
Retail Operations Director 1.0-1.5m 1.0-1.4m
Key Account Manager 600k-1.0m 600-800k
Area Sales Manager 600k-1.0m 600-900k
Brand Manager 600k-1.0m 600-900k
Marketing Manager 420-900k 420-720k
Visual Merchandising Manager 500-800k 500-800k
PR Manager 600-900k 600-900k
Content Marketing Manager 500-750k 480-600k
E-commerce Manager 500-650k 480-600k

Sales & Marketing contract salary per month

Job title 2017 (HK$) 2018 (HK$)
Financial Services
Corporate Communications Manager 55-80k 50-80k
Events Manager 45-60k 45-60k
Internal Communications Manager 48-70k 45-70k
Marketing Manager 45-55k 45-55k
Events Executive 20-40k 20-45k
Internal Communications Executive 30-38k 35-45k
Marketing Executive 23-35k 25-38k
Roadshow Executive 25-35k 28-40k
Brand Manager 40-60k 35-60k
Marketing Manager 35-45k 35-48k
Marketing Manager 35-55k 35-55k
Marketing Executive 28-40k 25-40k
Brand Manager 40-58k 40-58k
Marketing Manager 35-45k 35-45k


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