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HK Express: Pay for yourself, not everyone else

HK Express is asking customers to “pay for yourself, not everyone else” with its first social media campaign in Mainland China that aims to show how ridiculous it would be if a stranger claimed enjoyment for something you have paid for.

Created by Leo Burnett Shanghai, the spot starts by revealing the “secrets” of the extra charges hidden in the airfares of full-service airlines, the budget airline tries to show Chinese travelers how they make them pay for services that are actually used by other people.

“At first glance, full-service airlines appear to offer their passengers a better flying experience with extra meals and blankets and other perks. But all these extra frills are built into the cost of every air ticket. So even if you don’t want them, you still have to pay for other people to enjoy them,” said Charles Johnson, GM of marketing and public relations at HK Express.

“Through this campaign, we hope to let people know that HK Express values passengers’ money, thus offering them a choice of how people want to spend their travel dollars.”

“We have come up with a series of funny videos to tell travelers how airfares include the cost of services they may not use and don’t even want,” says Takho Lau, head of creative of Leo Burnett Shanghai.

“Via this engaging story-telling way, we believe it really brings people the advantages of flying on HK Express.”

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