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Heineken creates social Christmas tree

Heineken has created a social Christmas tree with interconnecting LCD screens to be placed at Clarke Quay, which will broadcast its Facebook fans’ Christmas messages to their friends.

iris was the agency behind the campaign, and the tree was designed by local designer Edwin Cheong. The tree measures 11 meters from the ground to the tip of the star and will have 48 connecting LCD screens on it to broadcast messages.

“We wanted to take this holiday season to do what Heineken does best, bringing people together in traditional ways, but adding a twist of Heineken distinctiveness and digital innovation,” said Rene de Monchy, head of marketing at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

The Social Christmas Tree will also have a virtual choir, added De Monchy.

Voices from 12 carolers around the world will be stitched together digitally to recreate Heineken’s version of the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ and broadcast on the LCD screens.

On Facebook, users can choose up to 16 friends on their contact lists and send them a customised Christmas card from Heineken, with the best cards to be broadcast on the tree. Heineken will post photos of the tree and its messages back on its Facebook page. The Facebook application will go live on 1 December.

There will also be a photo booth next to the tree where passersby can take their photos, which will be contorted to look like a tree ornament, and then broadcast on the tree as its décor.

The tree will be located in the middle of Clarke Quay at the Central Fountain from 17 – 26 December.

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