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Guinness Indonesia Darbotz

Guinness taps Indonesia graffiti artist Darbotz in new spot

Guinness has recruited Indonesia-based artists Darbotz and illustrator Yhka Amelz to design a limited edition packaging called the “One Indonesia Edition”. The packaging was developed under Guinness’ platform “Together We Are More”, and is available to both Guinness’ Foreign Extra Stout and Guinness Zero products.

It uses Batik motifs in a bid to demonstrate that opposites can combine to create something more. In a spot promoting the limited edition cans. Darbotz and Amelz are seen conceptualising a piece of urban artwork, amalgamating both elements of graffiti and digital illustration.

Since its posting on YouTube on 23 October 2017, the video garnered around 953,958 views at the time of writing. The creative agency behind the campaign is BBDO Indonesia.

The statement added that the Guinness One Indonesia Edition designs were inspired by the principles of “Pancha Mahabhuta”, which combine opposing elements of Fire (Teja) with Water (Apah) and Earth (Perthiwi) with Air (Bayu) to create a harmonious and united pattern.

The designs look to acknowledge “the common Indonesian Spirit” (Sukhsma Sarira) reflected in team work (gotong royong), collective decision making (musyawarah untuk mufakat) and Indonesia’s national motto of Unity in Diversity (Bhineka Tungal Ika). In addition, the Batik motif’s corresponding to each element also looks to symbolise the deep historical roots of Indonesia’s nation and its steady unity.

“In an increasingly divided society, Batik shines as one of the symbols of the collective Indonesian spirit. This year, we celebrate Batik as the uniform of Indonesian unity and bring together two amazingly talented Indonesian artists to create our third Limited Edition Indonesia Pack,” Adrienne Gammie, assistant chief representative officer for Diageo in Indonesia, said.

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Localising its packaging is not a new move for Guinness. In Singapore last year, the stout brand launched its Guinness Foreign Extra Stout limited edition series, which featured artwork by local illustrator Ben Qwek on its bottles and cans. The artwork was based on Singaporean cultural icons like Keong Saik Building, Marina Bay Sands to local foods such as Kueh Tutu. The beer brand has also affectionately been known as Ang Ji Gao by locals in the kopitiams which directly translated to Red Tongued Dog.

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