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Groupon now available on iPad

Groupon has recently released its free Groupon HD iPad app to Malaysian shoppers.

With Groupon HD, subscribers can use their iPad devices to buy and redeem Groupon deals from local merchants, as well as Groupon Goods and Groupon Getaways deals.

The app allows users to browse all offers, track and redeem purchased items by location and expiration date and share deals via social media.

Already available for both smartphones and tablets, the iPad app provides a different experience in terms of screen size and its user interface that is laid out differently.

According to Rafiq Razali, country general manager of Groupon Malaysia, it is telling people about the app availability via a variety of channels, especially its social media platforms.

“Our Facebook channel has over 300,000 fans, but what makes us different is our levels of engagement, which are very high. At any given time, we have approximately 50,000 people talking about us,” added Razali.

As to whether there are in-app advertising opportunities in the app, Razali said not at the moment.

“We feel that the iPad app is a great way for merchants to tap into the mobile market by providing them with another avenue to display their deals with Groupon,” he added.

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