Global out of Home network Smart Alliance launches

International out of home (OOH) media players Kinetic Worldwide, Latcom and Mediakeys have come together to form the Smart Alliance, in what they say is the world’s first global-scale platform to facilitate access to out of home inventory and audiences across 250 markets.

An industry first, the alliance enables clients to buy media around the world in one simple location.

Bringing together the complementary expertise and footprint of all three companies in one easy-to-access platform, it offers agencies and its clients a vital one-stop shop that creates enhanced efficiency and accountability its campaigns.

The platform will be managed via a global hub dedicated to optimising delivery on behalf of the alliance while each company maintains management over strategic planning and client operations in its home regions. The platform aims to increase efficiency and value to a new industry standard for international OOH media budgets.

Kinetic will oversee operations in North America, China, India and Northern Europe; Latcom will be in charge of Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean; while Mediakeys will be responsible for Central & Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea and Australia.

Combined, the Smart Alliance platform provides access for its clients to over 250 markets, 60 offices and 1,000 employees.

“Smart Alliance creates the perfect platform for us to deliver increased efficiency to all our accounts and to continue expanding our international footprint” says Global CEO of Kinetic Worldwide, Mauricio Sabogal.

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