foodpanda makes slew of acquisitions across Asia

Online food delivery platform foodpanda, backed by Rocket Internet, has made a series of acquisitions across the Asia-Pacific.

It acquired four online food delivery services in Hong Kong, namely Dial-a-Dinner,, SOHO Delivery and Ring-a-Dinner.

foodpanda also bought Food Runner-owned Room Service in Malaysia and Singapore, which allowed it to acquire contracts with restaurants such as Wendy’s and Hard Rock Cafe in those markets.

Elsewhere in Southeast Asia, foodpanda has acquired JUST EAT India in India, the Food Runner-owned City Delivery in the Philippines, Food By Phone in Thailand and EatOye in Pakistan.

The acquisitions come after foodpanda acquired competitors in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Hungary, in December.

“With the recent acquisitions, the combined expertise and experience of several great local companies allow us to significantly improve our offering and service to our customers,” Ralf Wenzel, co-founder and global MD of foodpanda, said.

In Hong Kong, foodpanda’s acquisitions of four local competitors will bring an additional 150 restaurants on board, expanding its original portfolio of around 350 restaurants to over 500.

For example, two restaurants belonging to Cafe Deco Group, Berliner in Discovery Bay and Stormies in Lan Kwai Fong, had partnered with foodpanda prior to the acquisition.  After the acquisitions, the accounts of the group’s Berliner restaurant in Wanchai, which is listed on, and Pickled Pelican in Stanley, which partners with Dial-a-Dinner, will now belong to foodpanda.

Chinmay Malaviya, co-founder and CEO of foodpanda Singapore and Hong Kong, said, “These acquisitions will afford foodpanda the ability to scale even faster in the Hong Kong market. All five companies will move under one big roof and work together.”

The four food service delivery brands will initially retain their independent brand identities, although the call centres and delivery services will be combined and operate as one company behind the scenes.

Consolidation of the four brands will begin within the next six months.

Chinmay Malaviya, co-founder and CEO of foodpanda Singapore and Hong Kong, said, “We’ve acquired many corporate accounts through, a sector which foodpanda Hong Kong has been trying to break into.” has been in the city since 1999 and is very focused on corporate clients, such as by doing lunch offerings for office workers.

Meanwhile, Dial-a-Dinner also has a 15-year history in Hong Kong and complements foodpanda’s business strategy because through its existing restaurant partners in Kowloon, a district in which foodpanda Hong Kong has been attempting to expand.

Dial-a-Dinner also has partners in Northern and Southern Hong Kong Island and delivers convenience store items such as ice, alcohol and Panadol, diversifying foodpanda’s existing delivery services.

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