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Fluid builds online Soho community

Fluid has revamped its portal to create a social network outside the SoHo community in Central, investing HK$1 million to rebuild and advertise the site.

Simon Squibb, managing director of Fluid Group, said first and foremost the company’s focus is to make the website a portal of interest.

The original version of was created four years ago and Fluid is using newer technologies to transform the platform into an online social networking forum to challenge other local websites like HK Land’s portal for Central.

Instead of just banners, the agency plans to add key sponsorship to the site and within the shops linked to 400 SoHo businesses and offer deals and incentives to all the sites users.

“The difference means venues will get noticed more in an area like SoHo than they will in HK Land’s Central locations,” Squibb said.

A series of billboard, print and online campaigns as well as through the use of word of mouth and in-office marketing service with Venue Alliance, a marketing platform for food and beverages, will be launched in the coming months.

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