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First QQ-themed KFC opens in Shenzhen

Riding the digital trend, KFC has also gone from offline to online to appeal to post-90s generation in China.

KFC has struck a strategic partnership with Tencent’s instant messaging platform QQ, seeing the opening of the first QQ-themed KFC restaurant in Shenzhen Book City CBD Store.

Under the partnership, the two brands will collaborate in social and e-commerce areas.

Decorating with QQ themes and imagery along with KFC’s 5,000 restaurants in China, the theme store will offer family “hangout” meal packs with QQ cards, that family member can then use on the QQ social platform to purchase VIP services and membership.


The first global online KFC stores connected to Tencent’s QQ Wallet is also set to launch.

The collaboration aims to create a “dining, socialisation and entertainment” environment to bring new dining experience to young customers.

According to Tencent’s latest figures, QQ currently has 853.1 million monthly active users, nearly 60% are post-90s.

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