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Facebook’s Atlas adds value to marketing campaigns

Facebook has made product updates to Atlas, a people-based measurement and ad-serving platform that works across different publishers. Atlas is built on the insights from Facebook’s vast community of real people, and the updates will help marketers better deliver, measure and see the value of their advertising spending.

The updates came in three parts:

Video Ad Serving: Atlas can now share videos across devices to real people and measure the results of all of them.

Path to Conversion: People move back and forth from mobile and desktop, and now Facebook can let marketers see all the ways real people see ads across multiple devices before making a conversion.

Offline Actions: Digital accounts for only 32% of US sales, and Facebook is making it easier for marketers to measure what drove the remaining 68%. Within minutes marketers can understand if their online ads are influencing their offline purchases.

The updates came after Facebook’s testing of a buying platform on Atlas last year. The study revealed some interesting insights:

  1. Facebook was able to deliver ads to real people with unprecedented accuracy, but came up against many bad ads and fraud (bots).
  2. Most waste came from banner ads and exchanges (where people shift between display and desktop)
  3. The only formats that add value are mobile, native and video

This update is a step forward, in line with Facebook’s commitment to helping marketers achieve the greatest value from their digital campaigns and deliver the most relevant and effective ads to people.

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