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Eu Yan Sang highlights ‘unspoken feelings’ between generations in CNY campaign

Chinese medicine brand Eu Yan Sang has launched an integrated Chinese New Year campaign across Hong Kong and Macau by tapping into the emotional side of the festive period and calling attention to how Chinese parents show their love.

The Chinese way to say “I love you” presents itself in many complex forms but is rarely obvious. The heart of the campaign focuses on “unspoken feelings” between generations, recreating relatable scenarios that illustrate the way traditional Chinese families tend to not openly say how they feel, but express affections in their own way – in its new ad, the mother selflessly saved the best piece of the fish to express her love for the son.

The campaign is also the first of a series which will see the traditional Chinese medicine brand take a more modern approach to its marketing.

Richie Eu, managing director of Eu Yan Sang Trading (Hong Kong), said: “In this campaign, we intend to connect with our audience by bridging an “unspoken” gap between generations. As a 138-year old company, we’re honored to have supported the health and wellbeing of generations. This campaign underlines our commitment in continuing to be progressive and modern, while remaining authentic and relatable.”

Tim Ho, creative director and partner of Constant, the creative agency behind the campaign, said: “Eu Yan Sang is a household name in Asia, and they are in a unique position of appealing to a diverse audience by modernising and changing the narrative of an industry that is typically perceived as rather traditional. We’ve been working closely with Eu Yan Sang Hong Kong and excited to play a role in their evolution.”

The campaign includes online, social, print and MTR advertisements and will run until 16 February.

Tim Ho, creative director
Tem Hansen, strategy director
Paul Lam, business director
Debbie Poon, senior designer
Kyle Chiu, account manager
Olivia Chan, graphic designer
Azusa Hyde, producer
Candice Dain, production assistant
Leungmo, photographer
Ann Woo, photographer
Marie Bouveron, videographer
Alice Ngan, food stylist
Emily Wordsworth, prop stylist
Jaime Smith, makeup artist
Carol Au, hair stylist
Molly Austin, wardrobe stylist

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