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Domino’s plans to open up 300 outlets in Malaysia by 2020

Domino’s Pizza, globally, has opened its 14,000th store in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.This is the 200th store in Malaysia.

However, the company is not stopping there. In a statement to A+M, a Domino’s spokesperson said it plans to expand to 300 outlets in Malaysia by 2020. Moving forward, the company plans to adopt an e-commerce, technology-centric approach to reach out to larger number of consumers. The spokesperson from the company added  that it has been a challenge for the company to stay relevant in the constantly changing market.

She added that today, customers define value through experience and price, and is what is driving the brand’s marketing strategies. As such, the company plans to enhance and improve its customers experience on all consumers touch points.

Meanwhile, echoing similar sentiments on a press statement, Richard Allison, president of Domino’s International said that the company aims to become the top pizza company in the world. It therefore plans to provide optimal customer service, serving high quality food, and adopt leading technology in Malaysia and around world.

Domino’s currently operates in over 85 markets worldwide. Domino’s had global retail sales of nearly $10.9 billion in 2016, with more than $5.3 billion in the U.S. and more than $5.5 billion internationally. It has 3500 stores in Asia Pacific. The master franchisee for the market, Dommal Food Services which opened the first store in Malaysia in 1997.

Domino’s Pizza is not the only restaurant chain ramping up its business in Malaysia. Most recently, QSR Brands announced plans to expand its KFC business with an additional 30 new outlets by the end of this year.

Competitors over at McDonald’s Malaysia also plan on investing RM363 million into three year growth plan.


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