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DFS First Class Beauty

DFS Group goes experiential with beauty

Luxury retailer DFS Group has launched its first ever global campaign, First Class Beauty, which features workshops hosted by beauty experts and bloggers, experiences such as makeovers, nail art and massages, and even champagne parties.

The experiential marketing campaign will run until 21 September across 18 downtown and airport DFS locations in 13 cities, namely Abu Dhabi, Auckland, Bali, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Macau, Okinawa, Saipan, Singapore and Sydney.

Over 50 beauty brands will be featured in the campaign.

While DFS retail stores stock products across categories such as beauty, watches and hand bags, the beauty category was selected because of the rapid pace of development in the industry.

“Just as travel is experiential, so is luxury beauty,” John Gerhardt, senior VP of branding and creative direction at DFS Group, said.

“It needs to be touched, tried and felt, and should be completely sensorial in it’s approach. Our workshops aid in this experience and bring the products to life.”

But the experiences on offer differ by market.  While Hong Kong has workshops with beauty bloggers, and massages and makeovers are organised in Macau, Okinawa, Guam and Sydney, a champagne party with a live DJ was planned for Hawaii.

“We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. What is relevant to one market does not necessarily resonate with another. Also, our customer travels so it allows them to have different experiences with us wherever we meet them,” Gerhardt said.

Needs of customers in different types of store locations, such as downtown versus airport stores, are taken into account.

Gerhardt said, “Our airport customer is typically looking for convenience, from time-related concerns to sizes of products that are compatible with traveling. Our downtown customer typically has more time on their hands and may be looking for a more leisurely experience.”

Leading up to the campaign, the group placed digital ads in travel, fashion and beauty platforms across China and Japan as well as the group’s store locations worldwide.

Fall / Winter T Galleria Video Campaign

DFS Group is simultaneously running a video advertising campaign for the Fall/Winter season to promote its T Galleria stores.

Until 20 October, the group will be uploading a new DFS branded video featuring a different city where a T Galleria store is located worldwide.  The list of cities include Hong Kong, Singapore, Okinawa, with videos on Guam, Sydney and Hawaii yet to be launched.

Each video will showcase the brand’s theme of emotional travel as expressed through the travel journal, and a selected brand and product available at T Galleria.

The videos will be uploaded onto the group’s website, Facebook and Weibo account every two weeks and broadcast simultaneously on in-store electronic display boards in 14 store locations.

Below is the video featuring Hong Kong as well as static ad visuals.

“We want to talk to our customers over the course of the season, not just at the beginning.  That’s why we launch a new video every two weeks to keep them engaged,” Gerhardt said.

He says the brands showcased in the videos were not sponsors but were instead selected by DFS Group and that the videos are not meant to be catalogues.

In-store windows will also be shown on motion graphic screens with travel-inspired quotes, supplemented by projections of vintage 8mm videos, and exhibitions of illustrated and annotated travel journals.

Gerhardt says the screening of 8mm vintage videos is to tap into customer’s nostalgia for a bygone era.

“Travel used to be more of an occasion and somewhat ceremonial. There is a romance in that nostalgia that is intrinsic to our brand,” he said.

Video Credits:

Agency: AR New York
Director: Mikon van Gastel
Illustrator: CassandreMontoriol
Models: Du Juan, RJ Rogenski
Stylist: Anne Christensen
Hair: Garren
Makeup: FulviaFarolfi
Composer: Jeremiah Bornfield

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