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David Beckham kicks off AIA partnership with Asia healthy living tour

AIA has announced the formal launch of its partnership with David Beckham through a major new campaign ‘What’s Your Why?’ in the Asia-Pacific region. As part of the launch, David Beckham will be undertaking the AIA healthy living tour during the week of 18 September, visiting Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

The ‘What’s Your Why?’ campaign features a new video that was directed and filmed by Academy Award winner, Wally Pfsiter, on location in Bangkok. It conveys personal stories of people and their motivations for leading a healthy lifestyle, including why David Beckham himself leads a healthy life. The film, still photos, and behind-the-scenes interviews with David and other original content will be distributed via multiple platforms, including digital, out-of-home, broadcast and live events.

Understanding that health is about diet as much as exercise, the AIA healthy living tour will also place a focus on healthy eating. In all of the markets that Beckham visits, AIA will arrange events to showcase in a fun way how popular Asian dishes can be served in healthier ways.

Stuart A. Spencer, AIA group chief marketing officer, said, “We are delighted to be formally launching our partnership with David Beckham through the AIA Healthy Living Tour and the “What’s Your Why?” campaign, which highlights the many reasons why people want to live a healthy life. The campaign speaks to AIA’s strong commitment to partnering with our customers in 18 markets around the Asia-Pacific region to help them take steps to lead a healthier life.”

Beckham said, “I’m pleased to be part of the ‘What’s Your Why’ campaign, which I hope will resonate with people looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In March, AIA entered a multi-year agreement for Beckham to become the company’s global ambassador. In this newly created role Beckham will be present at a number of AIA’s most important community and business activities to personify and demonstrate the benefits and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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