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CRM names Sathiaseelan Paul Thurai as president

Commercial Radio Malaysia (CRM) has appointed Media Prima’s Sathiaseelan Paul Thurai as its president following Kudsia Kahar’s resignation as chief operating officer of the Star Radio Group.

He replaces Kudsia (pictured) who served two terms as CRM president.

CRM is the association representing 22 commercial radio stations, and functions primarily to coordinate regulatory issues, organise outreach programmes including Planet Radio and Boot Camp, and share resources for research ratings.

The new line-up includes Malek Ali, who moves up as vice president (he was formerly the association’s honorary treasurer), Yusry Abu Samah, who retains his role as Honorary Secretary), and Jeffrey Raymond as honorary treasurer.

“I want to thank the CRM Council for their commitment to the betterment and continued viability and dynamism of the commercial radio industry in Malaysia,” said Kudsia. Kudsia decided not to continue with the Star Radio Group when her three-year contract expired recently to attend to a personal matter.

CRM also plans to reactivate Planet Radio and Boot Camp in early 2016.

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