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Consortium led by Formul8 bags NS50 campaign duties

The National Service Affairs Department (NSAD) at MINDEF has appointed a consortium led by Singapore creative agency Formul8 to manage the integrated campaign commemorating National Service’s jubilee 50th anniversary this year.

The consortium comprises Formul8, communications advisory firm Black Dot, social and digital agency Type A, together with media agency Maxus Global, research agency Kantar Milward Brown and events planner Ignite.

Together, the consortium will oversee the full spectrum of NS50 creative and communications aspects, including content conceptualisation, public relations, marketing and online activation.

“NS50 – From My Generation to Yours” was launched on 7 February 2017, and will be marked by various events and key initiatives throughout the year.

Managing director at Formul8, Fiona Bartholomeusz said, “As a homegrown outfit, we are proud to support the NS50 campaign. We want to create a campaign that not only celebrates this milestone, but also reminds us that the peace and security Singapore enjoys is a result of a collective effort over half a century, and we must never be complacent.”

She added, “This mandate validates our belief that we have a team that understands the nation-building narrative, and adds to Formul8’s track record of having worked on other defence-related campaigns, such as Committee for Strengthening National Service, NS Mark, Total Defence and Total Defence Awards.”


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