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Coca-Cola turns strangers into friends

Coca-Cola has joined hands with Chinese photographer Kurt Tang to invite complete strangers in Guangzhou to be friends in front of his camera lens.

Dubbed “Friendship Experiment”, the campaign by Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai will see these photos displayed in an exhibition in a gallery in Guangzhou; they, along with the “making of” videos will be shared in an online gallery and through Coca-Cola’s Happiness Network on YouTube and through Chinese social media channels like Sina Weibo and Renren.

Richard Cotton, director of creative excellence for Coca-Cola, said the campaign is a part of the global “happiness creator” push.

“Capturing on film that initial spark of potential friendship can be very powerful. At its core, the campaign is one photographer, one camera, a couple of Cokes, and people on the street coming together – a fun and meaningful experience that Coca-Cola wants to share as part of our celebration of ‘happiness creators’ in China.”

“Coca-Cola is a brand that is able to hit the emotions and aspirations of all Chinese as related to happiness,” said Graham Fink, chief creative officer of O&M China. “So we created an equally unique and nontraditional campaign with a very organic grassroots feel that we hope will turn strangers into friends not only in Guangzhou, but all over the world.”

Subsequent “experiments” are under consideration for Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore.

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