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Clear Shampoo aims to wow

Unilever Clear shampoo’s Ice Cool Menthol range has launched a new ad with the help of Lowe Singapore. The TVC will run across Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.

The TVC, starring Thai actress Wow-wa, first airs in Thailand this month and will then roll out across the region’s markets. The aim of the campaign is to highlight Clear shapoo’s various solutions for scalp irritation. The ad targets both the  male and female demographics.

The TVC, titled ‘Cool DJ’, contrasts a tiring, hot day and an energizing evening beach party, where the key character, played by Thai actress Wow-wa, steps out as DJ. Colour visuals switch from hot tones to cool colours.

According to a release from Lowe Singapore, the team worked on the theme of CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol associated with a fashionable and modern lifestyle that men and women in Southeast Asia could feel a part of.

The ad will not be running on any other mediums.

Check out the ad:

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