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Circus Social and DataSift partner for Facebook topic data

Social data analytics firm Circus Social, has partnered with DataSift, a human data intelligence provider, to give access to aggregated and anonymous Facebook topic data for customers.

Facebook topic data is anonymous and aggregated content data about specific activities, events, brand names, and other subjects that people are sharing on Facebook.

Working with Facebook topic data lets companies make business decisions in real-time, in a varierty of applications ranging from content discovery to product development and from audience affinity analysis to brand reputation management.

“There is a huge pool of data and insights now available to companies across the globe,” explains Tim Barker, CEO, DataSift.

“Our aim at DataSift is to enable organisations to get real business value from this wealth of unstructured data and use the intelligence gained to drive decisions and answer business questions. Facebook topic data provides companies with an in-depth understanding of their key audiences in a privacy-safe way. It’s fantastic that Circus Social is now partnering with us to provide its clients across Asia with access to anonymous and aggregated Facebook topic data.”

“Circus Social is delighted to announce this collaboration with DataSift and we are looking forward to launching custom reports and Audience Maps based on Facebook topic data,” Ram Bhamidi, chief operating officer, Circus Social said.

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