Chimney Group Australia appoints new managing director

Chimney Group has appointed Bo Thorp (pictured) as managing director of Chimney Australia.

Thorp takes the Sydney-based top job following a career running TV and radio stations across Europe, with his appointment cementing the Swedish-founded agency’s commitment to the Australian market.

With experience working across companies like MTV Networks Europe, SBS Broadcasting Group (Now Discovery Networks) and OTW Communications, Thorp brings to Chimney a reputation for effective leadership of creative and production teams working in challenger businesses.

Global Chimney group CEO, Michal Kalinowski said:

“With his background in producing and directing, Thorp knows what it takes to deliver great content for clients. His versatility, hands-on knowledge and outstanding client management have been rewarded with numerous international content marketing awards, and I’m confident he’s the right person to be heading up our Australian business.”

“For me, quality is key – in every part of the process. Chimney is all about producing and delivering fantastic films and products, but at the same time ensuring a great and professional experience, with our local and international teams of dedicated, fun-loving and responsive people. We’ll continue to grow our wonderful team here in Australia, with commitment to professional execution and process at the heart of all we do. We look forward to delivering more outstanding results for our Australian clients,” Thorp said.

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