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Blockchain platform Zilliqa picks Christel Quek as CMO

Blockchain platform Zilliqa has appointed Christel Quek (pictured), former VP of Asia Pacific at Brandwatch, as CMO. She will be responsible for the Asia Pacific region, with a predominant focus on Singapore.

Zilliqa is tailored towards enabling secure data-driven decentralised apps, designed to meet the scaling requirements of machine learning and financial algorithms. The team of 14 in Singapore is led by CEO Dong Xinshu. In a statement to Marketing, Quek said that there is plenty of potential within the advertising sector to make use of blockchain technology. “It is not because blockchain is a new toy, but rather a distributed ledger, for example, will be useful in solving prevalent issues such as viewability standards and ad fraud in display advertising,” Quek said.

In addition to her new role at Zilliqa, Quek is also recenly the co-founder and chief commercial officer of mobile streaming service BOLT Global. According to Quek, BOLT aims to provide affordable entertainment to users in emerging markets. It currently has services in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Kenya. Also, the company is considering expanding into Africa as there is “a lot of growth potential”, as well as Latin America. She added that South Korean TV content have been a hit with viewers in both regions and is a “huge driver” for BOLT.

“We do not see Netflix as our competitor due to our different business models. BOLT focuses on mobile individuals and offers users with live TV content on mobile phones. We aim to capture audiences at different parts of the day, rather than just the commute to and from work,” Quek said. BOLT currently has 25 people on its team and has partnered with companies such as Channel NewsAsia, Discovery Channel and Al-Jazeera.

Quek added that while most of Zilliqa’s and BOLT’s marketing efforts are digitally driven, both companies are interested in working with creative and PR agencies to launch brand and PR campaigns.

Prior to her new roles, Quek was VP, Asia Pacific at Brandwatch for over two years. According to her LinkedIn, Quek launched Brandwatch’s first office in Asia, based in Singapore. She was responsible for growing and managing a team for Brandwatch in Asia Pacific across departments such as customer success, sales, business development and data analytics. She also grew and managed the revenue pipeline for Brandwatch in Asia Pacific.

Before assuming the VP, Asia Pacific role at Brandwatch, Quek was head of content at Twitter for approximately two years, where she oversaw Asia Pacific, Greater China, Australia and New Zealand, Middle East and North Africa and Russia.

Quek also helmed the regional social business lead role at Samsung Asia, where she was responsible for Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Oceania. During her time there, Quek developed Samsung’s social business strategy and was part of Samsung’s global social media and digital marketing leadership team. She also worked at Havas Media Group.

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