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Habitat for humanity

BBDO/Proximity Singapore helps build homes, NEA Calls Pitch

BBDO/Proximity Singapore helps build homes

BBDO/Proximity Singapore has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for four families in Batam. Over the past two weeks, 35 members of the agency endured three days of construction work to provide the community with building blocks for the new homes. This was the result of several months of fundraising, in which the agency raised over SG$38,000 for the charity.

NEA calls for pitch

National Environment Agency (NEA) has called for a tender for the design, printing and delivery of publicity material and design of print advertisement, and production and media buy of print advertisements for Recycling Week 2012. Previously NEA worked with Starlight agency and the contract is project based until the 9 September 2012, when the event takes place. The account is worth SG$40 000.

eBay revamps Gumtree Singapore

eBay Classifieds Group has launched a revamped Gumtree Singapore a Singaporean classified portal, which promises to deliver a free trading environment to existing and new users. The new design showcases a homepage which displays users’ ads in a more prominent manner and allows users easier navigate of the site. Gumtree has also introduced a mobile version of its website to enable trading on the go. A new property section has also been created which allows user search based on property type, location and price range.

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