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fung brothers

Ayam Brand creates rap on Singapore, Malaysian cuisine

Ayam brand USA has tied up with US-based rappers The Fung Bros to promote Singapore and Malaysian food.

The video sees the duo sing and rap about local cuisine such as laksa, roti prata, chicken curry and char kuey teow (pronounced as char kuey tiu in the video). The video which was uploaded slightly over a week ago has already garnered 290,000 hits.

“The Fung Bros are famous Asian American YouTubers. They are crazy about all Asian Cuisines and love Ayam Brand products. They created a fun video in collaboration with the distributor of Ayam Brand in USA. Ayam Brand gave its consent to the airing of this video, because the musical pays tribute to Malaysian and Singaporean Food Heritage and Culinary Traditions. It also places both countries on the map for many Americans,” said a spokesperson from Ayam Brand Singapore.

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