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Axiata Group pours in US$6m for next 3 years for digital talent development

Axiata Group will invest US$6 million over the next three years to expand on existing digital expertise, according to the New Straits TimesThe company will also offer “critical digital development and capacity building” for all staff members.

According to group chief talent officer Badrunissa Mohd Yasin Khan, digital talent is a key pillar in Axiata’s transformation strategy. Hence, the company is working towards building a conducive, dynamic environment, so its operating companies can become modern, agile and digital work cultures.

Since 2009, Axiata has utilised approximately US$40 million and will continue to dedicate “significant resources” to fulfill the digital learning needs of employees, Yasin Khan said. The aim is to transform Axiata to work with a digital mindset, she added.

The company recently unveiled Digital Jam, an activation day where employees gather online to experiment with and experience new digital work tools. Yasin Khan said that Axiata aims to offer employees a brief look into the future working environment in the digital age, as well as stimulate the idea of the “tomorrow-is-here-experience”, she added.

Michael Kuehner, Celcom Axiata CEO, said that it is developing new digital talents to meet the evolving needs of customers by rethinking sales and marketing aspects with digitalised channels and practices.

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